" more than this..."
by Sandra Gilles


Sandra Gilles, born 1972 in Annecy/ France , designs and produces clothing and accessories for women in small series.

Her professional career began in 1994 after she received her diploma in fashion design and cutting technology from the " ESMOD" University

in Paris, before that she attended a fashion school in Salzburg where she learned the classic craft.

Her clothing and accessories are characterized by high quality fabrics and an exceptional finish,

 so to speak a common thread that runs through all parts of her work.

The new collection made with 100% abandoned jeans is entirely made in Austria.

The perfect finish and imaginative rendition of the used jean raw material result in

astonishingly fresh and new looking deisgn objects, such as bags, purses and clothings.

And miraculously, the quality of the finished goods clearly outclasses its original source- a used jean.

more than clothes...

more than a material...

more than a colour...

more than a product...

"more than this..."

by Sandra Gilles